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The Personal Journal is a 6 x 9 spiral-bound journal for youth.  It has journal pages provided for each of the 48 Bible stories.     

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Author:  David Langford


After youth have learned the story each week, they are asked to write in their journals the answers to three questions.

First, What does this story teach me about God? Nine traits of God are listed, each with a corresponding color. Youth decide which traits they see in each story and color in the tree provided in the journal.

The second question is, What does this story teach me about people? Youth list both the good and bad qualities in humans that they can see in each story.

Finally the third question in our journal is, What does this story teach me about how I should live in this world? As families read these great stories in scripture, the youth gain insight into how to make decisions as they face various situations in their daily lives.

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